What is the vesuvio oven?
Vesuvio® is a versatile Charcoal Oven-Grill that allows cooking at high temperatures, achieving better flavors and finished foods, reducing cooking times and energy consumption.
Use gas / electricity?
No, Vesuvio® use only charcoal, either charcoal or firewood, in small quantities
How does it turn on?
It is lit in the traditional campfire type, you can also use any charcoal lighter whether electric, gas or non-toxic and food grade pellet starters.
Can I use firewood?
We recommend using the firewood grill or combining with charcoal to flavor, remember that each barbecue has its secrets.
Do I need extraction in the kitchen?
Yes, the regulations may vary depending on the country or region in which you are.
How do I control the temperature of my Vesuvio®?
The temperature is controlled with the quantity of coal with which it is fed and with the regulation of the shots (lower and upper). If the quantity of coal has been exceeded, it is recommended to remove part of it.
Is it airtight?
It is not airtight, it is only insulated to contain heat energy.
What maintenance does it require?
Daily cleaning and correct use of the oven is the main maintenance, as well as not exceeding the recommended temperatures.
What is required for installation?
Follow the recommendations for the measures of the hood, as well as its correct operation.
Delivery time?
We have a maximum delivery time of 4 weeks depending on demand.
Do I need training?
Training is essential for the correct operation of our equipment, request a free training.
* Restrictions apply.
How do I wash my Vesuvio®?
The oven wash must always be cold, avoiding pressure hoses; We recommend our brand's cleaning product, which is biodegradable and friendly to the environment, you can also use any non-abrasive grill degreaser.